Hi-Stage Scaffold

Do you need strong, lightweight, versatile and affordable scaffold towers which are second to none?

Do you want towers: 

  • Which are designed for strength, safety, affordability, extreme versatility, compact stowage, ease and speed of setting up, ease of handling and have a wide range of accessories?
  • Which conform to the latest and most stringent Australia & New Zealand standards?
  • Which, on a height to weight ratio, have the highest ratings for stability and stiffness of all lightweight towers available? (NATA accredited testing)
  • Which have been tested to withstand over 6 times their certified Safe Working Load?
  • Which easily connect to other scaffolding and support structures with standard scaffold couplers?
  • Which easily allow future expansion and dimensional changes by simply adding more frames?
  • Which have long life with minimum maintenance?
  • Which have an unconditional guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship?
  • Then you have come to the right place!
  • Compact stowage of disassembled components means that two 4.5 metres deck height x 1200 mm x 1200 mm towers can be carried inside a Ford Falcon station-wagon
  • The wide range of accessories includes foot plates, castors, screwjacks, trapdoors, access ladders, balconies, bridge beams, span decks, wall ties and outriggers.
  • Scaffolding simply does not get any better, the simplicity of Hi-STAGE scaffold towers makes their affordability second to none, in fact you cannot afford to be without them.

About the towers

Design of the Hi STAGE Lightweight Tower system originated over 30 years ago and the towers are among the most widely used towers of their type in the world. The towers have passed a rigorous testing schedule accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities, and conform to the latest and most stringent Australian & New Zealand Standards regarding their design and performance. These test results show that on a height to weight ratio Hi-STAGE has the highest rating for stability and stiffness of all lightweight towers available. The towers have been tested to withstand over 6 times their Safe Working Load.

The Hi-STAGE system is available in modular frames of the following widths: 600, 900, 1200, 1800, 2400 and 3000mm. Any two frame widths can be combined to form a square or rectangular tower. All frames are 1000mm tall in height (giving a 900mm rise per lift) and can be used anywhere in the tower, thereby eliminating the need for separate base frames or a complex system of extra bracing rails. Importantly, future expansion or dimensional change can be easily achieved by simply adding in more frames according to your requirements. The frame tubing diameter is compatible with standard scaffold couplers (also available) enabling easy connection to other scaffolding or supporting structures.

Hi-STAGE Lightweight Towers are truly light in weight, the 600mm wide frame weighs 4 Kg, and the 3000mm frame is just 12 Kg. The towers are designed for safety, they are strong, simple and quick to set up, they allow for compact stowage of disassembled components (2 full height 1200mm x 1200mm towers can be carried inside a Ford Falcon station-wagon), and they are absolutely minimal maintenance over their long life. They carry an unconditional guarantee against any faulty materials or workmanship.

Scaffolding does not get any better. The Hi-STAGE system is recommended for its simplicity of design and extreme versatility, whilst maintaining an affordability that has proven to be second to none throughout the whole industry. It works out far more cost effective to buy than to hire, in fact you cannot afford to be without them.


Hi-STAGE Towers are registered with The Workcover Authority, Occupational Health and Safety Division under the category of: Lightweight, 225 Kg. Safe Working Load per platform (2 men and their tools)

Rossi Roller

Complete Kit includes:

2  x  700 wide x 2.0m high Frames
2  x  Diagonal Braces
1  x  2400 Clip on Rail
4  x  125mm Swivel/Brake Castors. (with Non- Marking rubber tyres)
1  x   Plydeck/Trapdoor (light-duty, 1 man)

Easily flat packs together for compact transport or storage.

2 or more can be linked together.
All components are compatible and interchangeable with the full range of Hi-STAGE equipment.


Platform boards are constructed from 240 x 50 mm F11 KD Oregon/Pine with metal plated ends. Cleats are screwed to the underside to ensure positive location within tower frames. The machine fluted Boards present a natural non-skid surface as a preferred alternative to plywood decks which can be large, awkward to handle and slippery when either oil or water are present.

Convenient to use as ‘stair treads’ to assist one in going up a tower where a ladder is not required, they are also useful in constructing 1/2 full platform landings at a height of from 2m to 3 m as set down spaces for tools and materials moving up or down the tower. They are especially handy when one is working solo.

Use 2 boards at the base of the tower for a ladder landing when using a conventional standard ladder as access up to the platform. Note: In order to comply with A.S.1577 the ladder must extend min. 900mm above platform. Boards are treated and proofed against taking up moisture.


TRAPDOORS are generally required on platform levels above 3m, they take the place of 2 platform boards.

HAND RAILS – Extra hand rails add to the versatility when using towers in varying configurations.

BASE RAILS – Extra base rails add to the versatility when using towers in varying configurations.

CLIP ON RAILS –  These rails serve a dual purpose:

  • As a platform guard rail, they are clipped on to the frame legs mid-way between the hand rail and platform.
  • As ledgers to enable the connection of one tower to another

VERTICAL BRACES – Extra clip on Vertical Brace rails add further stiffness when increasing the height of a tower.


These are heavy duty and can be added to any frame to form the base of the tower when working on uneven or graded surfaces. They allow a screw jack height adjustment of 300mm,.


  • 125mm. diam. Light duty, economical castor. Directional and swivel locking foot brake. Solid nylon wheel, rubber tyre, bearing race swivel, with a load capacity 180kg.ea. Ideal for timber floors, carpets and smooth surfaces etc.
  • 200mm. diam. Heavy duty castor with directional and swivel locking foot brake. Solid polyurethane tyre over solid nylon centre with a working load capacity of 350kg. ea. For external use and high wear areas.

Also available as a Screw Jack, adjustable height castor.


Simply clip on to tower legs to increase the tower base width by 1800mm. per pair. In most cases this enables the platform to be raised by a further 2 lifts (approx 2m) and adds to the overall stability of the tower.


WALL TIES – Clip on stabilisers, 2 types available:

  • Sidefix, with a variety of positions along the length (700mm) for side fixing through by nail or screw to a supporting structure (e.g. Stud work, Post & beam)
  • Facefix for Masonry (face plate dynabolted). Both give ultimate stability to the upper levels of the tower and also dampen out any vibration as people move about the tower. Enable towers to exceed freestanding height limits. Clip on rapidly to any part of the tower.


Custom made tower access ladder incorporating hooks to the top section of the styles and clip on swinging arms to the base section. The ladder, 3.0m long, can be added to in increments of 1.8m enabling full versatility over all tower heights and allowing for easy cartage.



As a pair of lightweight beams they can be connected horizontally between two towers, Platform Boards then dropped in to position to form either a continuation of existing tower platform levels or an independent Bridge Deck at any height. Ideal for linking towers in a line. Please consult Hi-STAGE personnel for further details before using this configuration as bracing and other safety factors may need to be taken into consideration.


 Click on the images to download the assembly instructions in a PDF file.

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